PLAYLIST: Pardans, The Wilful Boys, Exek, Diana Tribute, Death Pedals, Whores, Fake Limbs, Pauwels, Wtchs, Bone, Hoggs Bison, Red Stars Theory

    01 Pardans "Over The Alps, Into Milan"  
    02 The Wilful Boys "Rough As Guts"
    03 EXEK "A Hedonist" 
    04 Diana Tribute "Worming the Harpy"  
    05 Death Pedals "Good Dog"  
    06 Whores. "Ghost Trash" 
    07 Fake Limbs "Lil Bit" 
    08 Pauwels "Baltika" 
    09 WTCHS "You Own Your Bones"
    10 BONE "Baby"
    11 Hoggs Bison "No Oboe" 
    12 Red Stars Theory "How Did This Room Get So White"