PLAYLIST Also With Razors, And Then I Feel Nothing, Bagarre Générale, Boucan, Gimpdaddy, Henrys Faces, Jason Loewenstein, Kill Your TV, Lame, Sumshapes, SwordZZZ, Xetas, Yass

01 Lame "cities"
02 Jason Loewenstein "navigate"
03 Sumshapes "itchy eye"
04 Xetas "the lamb"
05 Kill Your TV "gas mask"
06 Boucan "boucan"
07 Yass "night wire"
08 SwordZZZ "dismount and reload"
09 Henrys Face "time"
10 Gimpdaddy "koolakamba"
11 And Then I Feel Nothing "my unraveling heart"
12 Also with Razors "wastelands"
13 Bagarre Générale "vertigo"